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There are many bank consultant services available in today’s environment. A consultant should offer access to an expertise that may not ordinarily be available or affordable as a bank employee.

Capital Partners believes that first-hand, field experience is critical to the success of any project.

Effective consultant support is defined by the practical application of this expertise. Capital Partners marries experience with practical solutions or credit risk analysis to ensure the satisfaction of all our clients.

Competition for loans has, generally, created shrinking margins and increased risk. A proactive approach to risk tolerance with sound monitoring is simply a matter of fiscal survival.

Capital Partners offers community banks the experience that is desired with an affordable budget.

Communication at each step with all participants in the process offers everyone a vested interest in the success of the organization. Hands-on participation and practical solutions form the basis for cost effective bottom line results.

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Capital Partners Services Loan Review

The goal of the loan review program is to provide a custom designed process, which will address the needs of each individual client bank with a sound and independent credit evaluation. The end result will clarify management’s loan risk position, while satisfying the regulator’s scrutiny.

Capital Partners’ loan review program is a cost effective management tool. The program is heavily reliant upon active participation by and active discussion with management and line lenders. An objective, systematic review of the loan portfolio is provided with a quantitative analysis of the bank’s risk position. Furthermore, the program utilizes consistent risk clarification and recommends remedial action where necessary.

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